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Rehearse in one of our fully equipped and acoustically treated spaces.


Sizes range from small to medium with slots available throughout the day.


Each booking comes with a full backline including drums, PA speakers, amps and microphones.


Need a D.I. Box?

Desire drum cymbals?

Want to record your rehearsal?

Broken your guitar or keyboard?

We stock a growing list of pro audio and music equipment available to hire on site for the duration of your rehearsal.

All prices shown include VAT and subject to availability.


View the availability of our rehearsal rooms online and easily from our booking calander.

You can not currently make bookings but will be free to see if there is a date and time that works for you.

When you find one contact us!


Feeling hot?

Why not grab a bottled water or soft drink

Feeling Cold?

We have teas and coffee ready to go with a variety of milks

Feeling hangry?

Pick up a snack or four

Visit our front desk to see it all!


Our front desk sports a selection of essential instrument spares to help you through any rehearsal should something break or snap.

These include guitar strings, drum sticks, plectrums and more.

Our Spares Shop prices are only available to view at the studio.

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